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Domestic Cleaning

The majority of our customers receive a weekly or fortnightly cleaning service, which includes a thorough clean of the main rooms of their home.  The time it takes to do a regular clean depends on the size and condition of your home. Additional cleaning services can be incorporated into your cleaning routine. Just ask for details & prices

Attention to detail is what set us apart, so whether you live in Clackmannanshire or Stirlingshire , please get in touch and see how AAC PRO CLEAN can a provide domestic cleaning service in your home. 


.All Worktops
Stove top
Wash dishes/load dishwasher
.Wipe Kitchen appliances
Hoover & mop floor
Empty bins
Wipe appliances


Dust all surfaces
Hoover & mop floor
Empty bins
Make bed
Change bed if requested (extra)
Mirrors / Wardrobe mirrors


Shower inc glass screen
Empty bins
Remove soap scum
Hoover & mop floor
Fold towels


Clean all surfaces
Clean window sills
Hoover & mop floors
Empty bins
Remove fingerprints/smudges
Dust picture frames

Pricing Plans

1-2 Bed home


1-2 Bedroom

1 Bathroom

1 Kitchen

Living room


3 bed home


3 Bedroom

2 Bathroom

1 Kitchen

Living room

Dining room / office

4-5 bed home


4-5 Bedroom

2 Bath + ensuites

1 Kitchen

Living room

Dining room / utility / office

Extra Services.

In addition to our standard list of cleaning services we can perform the following additional services at a small charge

Room in a house after it has been professionallly cleaned

Interior windows

Interior of fridge

Interior of freezer


Get in touch to enquire more about our additional services

Change beds

Hoover furniture

Wash bins


Get in touch to enquire more about our additional services

Bedroom in a house with high quality detailed cleaning

Air BnB cleans

We can also offer our cleaning services to air BnB accomodation throughout Clackmannanshire and Stirlingshire areas.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Air BnB cleans are a commercial service and subject to our commercial rates. A minimum of 50% deposit will be required at the time of booking this service

End of Tenancy cleans

Our end of tenancy cleaning includes a detailed clean of kitchens & bathrooms, cupboard fronts, skirting boards, vacuuming throughout and floors washed.

End of tenancy services are a commercial service and subject to our commercial rates. A minimum of 50% deposit will be required at the time of booking this service


Everything has a place

Do you feel there must be easier ways to be living and enjoying this life? Then let AAC PRO CLEANING show you how.

Do you have more ‘things’ lying about than places to put them?

Do you find yourself losing precious time searching for things?

Are you frequently uninspired by your wardrobe, despite there being a mountain of clothing in front of you?

Are you craving somewhere to simply kick back and relax after a hard day’s work?

Do you need help unpacking after a house move?


organised shelves in a kitchen
woman folding towels
organised and clean bathroom

Prices and packages

A 3-hour session
This is the minimum session length and works well for a short sharp burst of activity to tackle a small project or area. You’d need to be focussed on change and ready to let certain things go for this to be manageable in this timeframe.


£45 per hour


This minimum 3 hour window allows you to get into the rhythm and process of decluttering. 


AAC Pro Cleaning requests a £80 deposit for each session to secure time in the diary.


This is the most popular timeframe for our customers. It fits within the school run, you can break the back of larger projects and really see notable results in one-day.




The maximum session duration will depend on energy and availability (of both parties!)

AAC Pro Cleaning requests a £80 deposit for each session to secure time in the diary.



Continued support

Sometimes you need a ongoing helping hand for the bigger projects in your life where a regular partnership over weeks or months will help you reach your goals. There are likely to be tasks for you to accomplish between our sessions to maximise our time together.


£45 per hour


Frequently asked questions

You need to programme your mind to being prepared to let go of things and be ready to welcome some changes in your home. If I come to your house to declutter your wardrobes and you haven't prepared yourself for me to challenge you on some of your clothes, then it will take more time to work through the justifications and stories of why you are keeping hold of certain items. 

All I ask is for you to start to think what is important in your life and how you would like to feel after the decluttering and organising process.

There is no need to clean or tidy up either. It is  easier for me to see where I can best help if I see the true extent of what’s causing your clutter or stress.

The simple answer is No. It is your choice in what stays or goes. I will just offer a different perspective  to help you come to those decisions and will gently challenge you to see if belongings still hold true value or purpose. For some of my customers it is that items need keeping but just not be within easy reach all year round and so we  package and store things in the loft or garage. 

I am not someone who sees a beautiful home as one that looks like a show home where there’s no sign of the inhabitants and their characteristics. We will not empty your home of all personal touches but together we will consciously consider items for their practical and emotional worth.


I understand that in letting someone into your home you are likely to feel vulnerable and I respect that it’s a brave step you’ve made to start taking control of your chaos, however big or small it is.

I can promise to inject that vital enthusiasm you need to get a daunting job done and make you see this is a positive step in the right direction

Please see our prices and packages above for more details on our organising services

Drop us a message and tell us all about your home

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